Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

What is it?​

  • FMS is a grading system that evaluates movement patterns that are essential for normal function. 

  • This system enables your physical therapist to screen these specific movement patterns and helps to identify limitations and asymmetries that might be contributing to your condition. 

  • Once these faulty movement patterns have been identified, FMS also provides specific corrective exercises and activities that address your impairments in order to restore normal movement patterns and functions. 

  • These are used together with many other aspects of physical therapy treatment not only pain, but overall movement and function.   

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

What is it?​

​SFMA is an approach to the treatment of pain and dysfunction that uses a standardized clinical model to isolate the cause of injury through a comprehensive movement pattern-based assessment.  It consists of 7 full-body movement tests targeted at assessing fundamental patterns of movement (like bending and squatting) in those with musculoskeletal pain.  Just like FMS screening, the SFMA is used in conjunction with other aspects of physical therapy treatment to restore proper, pain-free movement. 


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