Body weight support

At Trinity Physical Therapy, we have a unique piece of equipment called the Body Weight Support System. It has a variety of benefits to you as a patient:

  • Patients wear a vest to comfortably unweight you.  This means you can walk, run, balance, and perform other exercises with incrementally adjustable partial-weight bearing to decrease the amount of force through your body and without any risk of falling. 

  • The BWS allows us to take off 1 to 200 lbs of weight. It is also  adjustable at 1 lb increments in order to gradually return you to full weight bearing status.  

  • We have one system set up over a treadmill for walking and running; the other system is set up over the ground for balance and exercise training. 

  • The BWS is most frequently used  after joint injury or surgery, for gait training and return-to-walking or running, and to restore balance after a fall or other injury.  

Our team is dedicated to knowing and meeting your needs as a patient. We take great pride in providing professional excellence, high-quality care and leading edge treatments.

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