Balance training

Enriching lives through physical independence​​


      Balance training is one of the most important components of a fitness regimen. Balance training is beneficial for improving dynamic joint stabilization, which is vital to preventing injuries and falls.
​     The specific benefits balance training include: 

  • Improved muscular coordination

  • Improved proprioception

  • Increased muscle strength

  • Increased stability of  joints

  • Reduce Fall Risk

     The Body Weight Support System is capable of lifting up to 200lbs off our patient. Patient's also have the ability to walk on the treadmill in various directions.  ​

Are you at Risk for Falls?


     To prevent falls, patient's should seek the help of a physical therapist in order to FIRST modify these risk factors:

  • Lower body weakness

  • Difficulties with gait and balance

  • Use of psychoactive medications 

  • Postural dizziness

  • Poor vision

  • Problems with feet and/or shoes

  • Home hazards

Fall risk factors are categorized as intrinsic or extrinsic

Evidence based practice

How long can you stand on one leg?


      In a study done in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, the ability of hold a single leg stance was timed in a variety of age populations. The single leg stance is a valid measure useful in explaining other variables of importance such as frailty and self-sufficiency in daily activities, walking, and fall risk. Decreased ability to stand on one leg leads to increased fall risk. See the normative values below to determine if your loved ones are at risk. 

Age 60-69      Female: 25.1  secs              Male: 26.9 secs 
Age 70-79      Female: 11.3 secs                Male: 18.3 secs
Age 80-99      Female: 7.4 secs                      Male: 5.6 secs

     If you are concerned about a family member please call to book a free consultation with us.  




Click the citation below to see all ages & full text:​


Springer, B. A., PT, Phd, OCS, SCS, Marin, R., MD, Cyhan, T., RN, BSN, Roberts, H., MTP, GCS, & Gill, N. W., PT, DSc, OCS, FAAOMPT. (2007). Normative Values for the Unipedal Stance Test with Eyes Open and Closed. Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, 30(1), 07th ser., 8-15. 

Berg Balance Scale

      The Berg Balance Scale is an outcome measure commonly used to access patient's static and dynamic balance abilities. It consists of 14 tasks ranging from standing from a sitting position to standing on one foot. The total score helps the therapist determine the functional mobility of an individual. 

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